Creflo Dollar ORDERS Eddie Long’s Former Church Members to ‘GO BACK!’

9 Responses to Creflo Dollar ORDERS Eddie Long’s Former Church Members to ‘GO BACK!’

  1. NYTN…email me when you get a chance so we can talk off-line.

  2. Dr. Harley Howard says:

    Welcome brother! Fight the good fight and God continue to bless and protect you!

  3. Jay says:

    Hey brutha, I am have been checking out your work on youtube (the new and terminated) account and have a great appreciation for your journalism skills and your ability to hold people accountable. I live in FL but I would like to connect with what you are doing. I submitted my email on this site and will continue to check up on your youtube page for new post. Be blessed brutha.

  4. kelvin whatley says:

    Brother i don’t know what you are trying to do but I can tell it’s not Godly. God is still who he is and in control, you are getting in gods way everything that creflo said is true and correct i searched myself, Maybe if you search for yourself you would’nt have time to be judgemental, god never called us to police one another and to act like christ go to matthew in the bible and read how jesus handled things. brother please stop you’re are bringing gods wrath to yourself. god forgave bishop and so should you. god bless you sir. any ?s email

  5. kelvin whatley says:

    also brother tithing is not prosperity gospel. it’s in the word of god it is required of us and it does bring a curse check your bible sir. you’re making yourself look bad but on the other hand you just don’t know the word

  6. says:

    and here we are again…lol i really only have one thing to say…It is amazing that you can post all of these derogatory videos and comments about certain men of God- and you speak freely about how you feel about certain situations….However, it seems that you cant handle when other post a rebuttal to your videos and comments…I wonder why that is??? dont surround yourself with “yes men” that pat you on your back for everything that you do…accept the yays and the NAYS!! Since you thrive on being controversial, then deal with the controversy instead of running away and deleting the opposing comments… thats so childish- if your going to stand up for what you believe in then STAND UP TALL and have the intestinal fortitude to deal with all people, not just the ones that make you feel like your doing something right….NOW delete and block THIS comment like you did the others on youtube-it doesnt matter because you have already read it and thats the point….Im praying for you, and even though i dont agree with your tactics, i will say that your actions are not deserving of harm- I pray God’s hedge of protection around you and that no hurt harm or danger shall come to you in Jesus name-Amen.

  7. LB says:

    Very disturbing video clip. How is he still annointed? King Saul lost his annointing much for much less. By defending Eddie Long, Creflo makes me wonder what he’s doing that hasn’t come to light yet.

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